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Technology giant, Cisco made the following comments about a new network router it unveiled today.

"the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress to be downloaded in just over one second; every man, woman and child in China to make a video call, simultaneously; and every motion picture ever created to be streamed in less than four minutes."

"The next generation Internet is upon us" they went on to say in reference to the new system, called the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System . Cisco says the technology involved "will forever change the Internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments." The router has completed testing on AT&T's live network between New Orleans and Miami. It delivers data at triple the speed of anything out there today. Cisco plans to sell the CRS-3 to Internet service providers for about $90K per unit A company spokesperson said the router can distribute 1 billion online videos at any given time.

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Comment by Jeff Hoppy on August 26, 2010 at 9:13am
THANK GOODNESS! LOL, I was just thinking to myself today..."I need to send out 1 billion online videos RIGHT NOW!" and I had no way to do it. Problem solved!

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