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When the idea of Robin S. performing at TWIST was first pitched to me, my first question was; Who is She? Well, Robin S. is the artist who's 1993 hit song "Show me Love" has gone on to be a gay anthem. Sure I heard the song before and I liked it but I couldn’t' tell you who sang it - not by name anyway. Now I can, because I know her in person. On January 29, 2010 Robin S. performed at TWIST in conjunction with our annual Warsaw reunion party. I introduced myself to Robin S. and her family prior to the show at the sound check, I watched the show live and was able to meet her afterward. In the process of putting a press release together I wanted to say something about her plans for the future. At her web site biography I discovered that her future plans included being a "messenger of hope..of love..and as a messenger of the fact that perseverance and faith will win out in the end" I told RedZone producer, Andrew Richardson that I was looking for something spiritual and motivational to connect to from this event and that I would get Robin S. to elaborate on her "messenger" comments and try to incorporate her message into my life. The show had ended and it was about 3am Sunday morning. I didn't had opportunity to interact with her her beyond the exchange of pleasantries and an occasional smile or fleeting eye contact. Robin S. and her entourage had just left TWIST and were waiting for the limo was pull up. If I was going to pop the question it was now or never. As she waited, I walked up to her, thanked her for coming and told her how much everyone enjoyed her performance. I mentioned that the comments on her website had intrigued me and that I wanted to know what message she could impart to me and that I could incorporate in my life and spread to others. This is what she told me one on one:

"Whatever you want or desire, have the perseverance to go after it and the faith that it’s going to happen. Keep going after it but don't be afraid to sometimes pull back and look at the big picture. Never loose faith that you will have what you seek and; YOU WILL HAVE IT!"

Robin S. "Show me Love" Comments after her show at TWIST 1.29.10

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